Updating Django

The django-announce mailing list provides announcements for security updates and new releases. General instructions for upgrading can be found here.

To see which version of Django is currently installed, run

pip show Django

To see which versions of Django are available, run

pip install Django==null

Upgrading the Django installation should be as simple as running

sudo pip install Django==1.8.X
sudo apache2ctl restart

where 1.8.X should be replaced with a valid version number.

Once this is completed, you should try visiting our Django site, including the admin side of the site, to look for anything obviously broken. You can run some simple tests, such as opening and closing surveys, or changing a user’s privileges.

If bugs are discovered after upgrading, it is possible that you will need to make changes to our code—the CourseDjango application. Do not forget to commit and push any fixes to the Git repository (see Introduction to Git for help with this)!